Case of (6) 48 oz. Wild Cherry Cranberry
Dr. Smoothie Bottles

The perfect blend of real cherries and cranberries make this the perfect smoothie!

Case (6) of 48 oz. Wild Cherry Cranberry Bottles
Item# ca6of48ozwic

Product Description

This Dr. Smoothie mix is definitely packed with eye popping flavor! Blended together is a mix of red sour cherries, dark sweet cherries, pineapple and cranberry. The amazing flavors of these natural fruits create a refreshing and cooling drink we think you'll love. All of these natural fruits are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins. So not only are you giving your taste buds a treat, but also your body!

Possible Benefits of Wild Cherry Cranberry Dr. Smoothie

Heart health enhancement
Healing effect
Reduction of cholesterol
Bone health enhancement

Dr. Smoothie Nutrition Facts