"Supremo" is the largest, most evenly graded Colombian coffee. A premium coffee, Supremo is renowned for its rich, mild flavor and balance of body and acidity.

Flavor Mild
Body Medium
Acidity Medium
Aroma Sweet, Toasty

*Colombia Supremo*
This Colombian Coffee has a light peak roast with mild flavor, medium body, and sweet toasty aroma. Colombia Supremo has an excellent reputation, and Panache continues to uphold it by roasting the coffee to its absolute peak flavor. Our strict adherence to the artisan-style of roasting is something to be proud of. CBI roast's exclusively in small-batches. Each batch of Colombian Coffee is crafted in gas-fired drum roasters and then air-cooled using a proprietary method.

Product NameOur PriceQuantity
Colombia Supremo Regular Ground
Colombia Supremo Decaf Ground
Colombia Supremo Regular Whole Bean
Colombia Supremo Decaf Whole Bean
Colombia Supremo 5 lb. Bag
Decaf Colombia Supremo 5 lb. Bag