Case of (6) 46 oz. Bottles Pineapple Paradise Dr. Smoothie

Enjoy the fresh, tropical blends of Pineapple Paradise

Case (6) of 48 oz. Pineapple Paradise Bottles
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Product Description

Dr. Smoothie's Pineapple Paradise is a delicious blend of real tropical fruits. Its rich creamy flavor comes from real pineapples, creamy coconuts and just a hint of banana. Together, they create a refreshing, creamy beverage that is relaxing and tastes great! Plus it's a great source of vitamins (B3, B6, C, A, E, folate and selenium). Now available in cases of six 46 oz. bottles, you can enjoy your favorite fruit smoothie anytime!

Possible Benefits of Pineapple Paradise Dr. Smoothie

Bone health enhancement
Digestive system enhancement
Energy support
Heart health enhancement
Healing effect
Calming effect

Dr. Smoothie Nutrition Facts