Big Train Chai Tea

Offering 8 different flavors of Big Train Chai Tea


Big Train Chai Tea is a rich, flavorful blend of ingredients that envelope your taste buds in a tasty, refreshing treat. Big Train uses top quality ingredients like honey, vanilla, black (or green) tea and exotic spices that are blended together to create these flavorful beverages. We carry all of the different flavors of Big Train Chai Tea and each has its own unique, delicious taste. They can be served hot or cold making them a great treat all year long!

Did you know? Big Train, America's best selling Chai Tea was originally a beverage prepared only for Indian royalty. To create these amazing royal drinks, a long and arduous process was involved. However today, all you need to do is mix it with hot water, stir and enjoy!

Featured Big Train Chai Tea Flavors