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Panache Gourmet Coffee Offering over 35 flavors of Panache Coffee

Panache Gourmet Coffee

Since 1972, Panache Coffee has been producing some of the richest specialty coffees available in the United States. Each flavor has its own unique blend, aromatic flavor, and style or panache! Panache Coffee collects coffee beans from around the world, including South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and groups them with complimentary beans of their respective regions. They are carefully roasted and blended by master artisans who understand that the perfection of roasting the beans is the key step to the delicious, grand flavor you will enjoy at home. This is why you will find Panache Coffee in some of the finest neighborhood cafes around the country and in the homes of true coffee connoisseurs.

* Indicates available in Decaffeinated. + Indicates sold ONLY in 5 lb. bags. All coffees are sold by the pound. 5 lb. bags come WHOLEBEAN unless specified upon checkout.

Featured Panache Coffee Flavors