One of our best sellers, Black Magic is a full-bodied blend, that brews up bright and spicy, with a distinctive toasty aroma.

Flavor Intense
Body Full
Acidity Bright
Aroma Toasty

*Black Magic*
This enchanting blend of dark roasted coffee is Coffee Bean Intl's best seller. With just one sip you'll feel like you've had a spell cast upon you, with this Black Magic superb blend you'll never go back to any other coffee. Also available in Decaf Black Magic, sold by the pound and for your enjoyment we can also grind it for you...

Product NameOur PriceQuantity
Black Magic Regular Whole Bean
Black Magic Decaf Whole Bean
Black Magic Regular Ground
Black Magic Decaf Ground
Black Magic 5lb. Bag
Black Magic Decaf 5 lb. Bag