Mix-n-Match Case of Dr. Smoothie Bottles

Choose six of your favorite Dr. Smoothie flavors to create your own case!

Click to Choose A Mix-n-Match Case <br> (6 bottles, 46oz each)

Do you have more than just one favorite flavor of Dr. Smoothie? Of course you do! Who doesn't?! We've set it up so you can actually create your own case of Dr. Smoothies. Choose up to 6 of your favorite flavors to be packaged in just one case. It's one stop shopping made easy! Choose 6 different flavors, 3 flavors of this and 3 flavors of that or whatever combination you like! Each bottle is 46 oz.

Dr. Smoothie Nutrition Facts

Dr. Smoothie Mix-n-Match Case (6 bottles, 46oz each)
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